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Indian economy is projected to become third largest in the coming decade and is seen as investment destination for various industries and sector including manufacturing, healthcare, jewellery and infrastructure. Needless to say, that while these sector continue outbound development, a crucial element of growth will be economies of scale and efficiency in the entire process chain. Given the scenario, the importance of operational excellence in pacing up nation's process cannot be undermined.

Economic Times, through its varied initiatives has always associated with the cause of national development. Today when India stands at crucial crossroads of opportunities and challenges, we acknowledge that excellence in products & services should be the very core, very essence on which our economic development rests. The dream is ambitious and will constantly require direction and guidance of industry leaders and practitioners. Economic Times Operational Excellence summit is an endeavor to bring various industry stakeholders together on single platform and discuss strategies and steps which will ensure today's dream turns into tomorrow's reality!
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